With a half decade of experience, primarily on PT6A engines, Sky Addict Aviation has a deep knowledge on how these engines perform. Our key advantage to our customer is Field Service. We offer turn key service at your hangar on all engine changes, hot section inspections, borescopes etc.

Another great advantage when choosing Sky Addict Aviation for your PT6A needs is we are not tied to any specific machine shop. This gives us the advantage of having multiple quotes and availability to pass on savings. PT6A Turbine repairs and inspections deserve a certain level of integrity and detail that you won't find better than here. Field service rates will vary depending on traveling costs and will be quoted accordingly. Most services are offered at a flat rate, or at a shop rate of $105 per hour. Please call for specific details.

All tooling and services to accomplish but not limited to;

  • Hot Section Inspections

  • Engine Removal and Installation

  • Engine control rigging

  • ITT Calibration

  • Torque Calibration

  • AGB repairs

  • Prop strike and RGB repairs

  • Borescope inspections