We are bringing back the adventure, charisma, and attitude of a bygone era. This old fashioned, gentleman's rally will be hosted alongside an eclectic art show featuring well renowned artists through out the Greater Tampa Bay area, live music, food & beverage, and the launch of the Pinups & Planes Calendar. Join us for a day of aviation, art, ales and accolades.

Date: Race is 2nd of November 10am. Contestants must arrive the day before, sign in and given aircraft parking spot.

Registration is open entry to all types of aircraft and continues on until Mid October. At end of Registration we will select up to 30-40 airplanes and divide them up into 3 competitive Categories. Once you're selected Official fee of $250 and waiver form will have to be submitted before the Air Rally. If entering as a group please state so in the notes of Registration Form.

This Air Rally is a simple timed Cross Country event. Time of wheels up to wheels down at KSPG will be officially recorded and calculated to determine the winners. All FAA rules and regulations must be abide by at all times. Must also perform a touch and go at KMTH. Failure to do so will grant contestant disqualification. Southeast bound aircraft must select Odd thousands altitude and Northwest bound aircraft must select Even thousands altitude to maintain separation.

1st place winner of each category receives an estimated 40 inch standing Gold Plated Propeller Trophy. Their Aircraft also featured in 2021 PInups and Planes Calendar, and of course the ultimate bragging right until next year. 2nd place winner of each category receives an estimated 40 inch standing Nickel Plated Propeller Trophy. 3rd place winner of each category receives an estimated 40 inch standing Copper Plated Propeller Trophy.

Due to first event and not sure who's is entering the categories are open and subject to change. Samples: Piston Single Certified Aircraft, Piston Single Experimental Aircraft, Multi Engine Certified Aircraft. ETC.

Coinciding with the Air Rally we will be also having an Art show, Antique/Vintage car show, Trophy Ceremony, and our Pinups and Planes calendar launch party later on located at Sky Addict Aviation Maintenance Hangar. Also featuring local food and beverage vendors throughout the day. North side of the airport by Sheltair Ramp will be where all the aircraft parking.


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Our goal with this event is to provide a safe enjoyable day for everyone involved. Keeping things simple, fresh, and a fun take on a gentleman's rally.